The Number Fairy is a true story. Well, not the fairy part, but the little girl Alicia who wanted so much to be six, that part is true. The number 6 really did hang from each doorway and began a family tradition of celebrating birthdays with numbers hanging in the house. When Alicia was 18 and celebrating her first birthday far away from home, I mailed the numbers 1 and 8 to her roommate in Ohio and asked her to hang them in their room on August 29th. When my son John was 21 and a student at Texas Tech, he got a black 2 and a red 1 in his birthday card. Pictured above are three of my children and my brother-in-law as we celebrated all their August birthdays in 2012. Alicia is standing under the 38, John the 29, and Jenny the 25. My brother-in-law Marshall is a little older. We don’t outgrow our numbers being hung. Last year I backed out of my garage on my birthday and saw a 61 hanging above the door. I hope you will consider having the Number Fairy visit your family to begin a new tradition for birthdays. Stories come from the numbers, and nothing is better than a family story.



About the Illustrator 

Jenny Slaver, Illustrator, is an award-winning artist who teaches elementary art in the North Texas area. She brings special power to her paintings by her use of bold color and movement. Her greatest influences include the life and work of Georgia O’Keefe and the many little art critics she has the joy of teaching. Ms. Slaver studied Fine Art in Memphis, TN, and currently lives on her ranch in Princeton, TX.